From start to finish or regular updates, a web site can be overwhelming. Krafty WebWorks can help you with everything you need. Review the services offered by Krafty WebWorks and contact us with any questions you may have.

Web Development Services

Site Architecture Plan - When creating a web site or asking for a bid from various developers you will find many questions being thrown your way. If you take the time up front to develop a site architecture plan you will find that your site development will go much easier. From the view of asking a developer to provide you an estimate, you will be providing them a Request For Proposal that includes a detailed site plan so they can return you with a more accurate estimate. The developer you choose will then have exactly what they need to develop your site; a list of your sites navigation, a sample of the content to be placed on the pages, and any detailed steps needed for your site visitors to take.

Project Coordination - You have a plan for your web site and no time to take care of the little details; answering questions, double-checking work, & entering content. Krafty WebWorks can take the hassle away. After meeting with you to completely understand your goals for the site and content in hand, your site can come back to you ready to go. If you want a hassle free development process with only one person to talk to, call 701-250-8900. The technical jargon that is thrown at you will be no more. It will be dealt with and if you do need to get involved, technical aspects will be put in terms you can understand.

Web Site Design - If you are tired of paying high design costs, look no further. Krafty WebWorks can work with you to design your site as you see it or lead you down the road to making the proper decisions. Together we will create a look that suits your personal or company needs. A site with complex programming can quickly wear down your budget when you are dealing with high design costs. That can easily be handled by having Krafty WebWorks design your site and implement that design while working with your chosen developer.

Print Design Services

If you want to keep your "look" consistent, Krafty WebWorks can also help you with business cards, stationary, brochures, newsletters, newspaper ads, and more.


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